I’m Erich. I am a self employed illustrator, artist and designer.

I have found my passion in expressing my dark and desperately craving self through my art.

I love the deformed, the grotesque and the acceptance of it for what it is.

I love to illustrate the things that lurk in my head, all the monstrosities inside of me, hidden away and never looked at until now.

I love to show glimpses of my true self, with all its flaws, distorsions and fears.

I love to show a raw, dark world full of things that I hope will never come to life and visit me after dark.

I’d love to show you my world.

2013 – present
Self employed Illustrator, Designer & Artist

2017 – 2019
Studying illustration at Freie Kunstwerkstatt München (Germany)

2007 – 2012
Full time employment at various design agencies in and around Graz (Austria)

2005 – 2007
Information science studies (Graz, Austria)

2004 – 2005
College for Communication & Media Design (Krieglach, Austria)